For many of us, Zoom and similar platforms have been a blessing and a curse. For me, Zoom has been mostly a blessing which has allowed me to make new friends and stay in touch with family.

The chat function is an interesting feature. It can enhance what it being said; it can hold questions; it can provide humorous asides (or snarky comments); it can provide links for further study. In my experience with my writers group at TeachWrite, the chat does all of these things. Sometimes, serendipitous things happen.

One night, a group member was listing her writing goals for the week and ended with “and a partridge in a pear tree.” We all laughed. Next up, the science teacher. He listed his goals, but shook his head when others tried to add the partridge to his list. A chat opportunity opened!

I started with “A falcon in a fir tree?”
Someone else followed with “An owl in an oak tree?”
Then, “A sparrow in a spruce?”
And, “A cardinal in a conifer?”

I realized in that moment, my community of writers had extemporaneously collaborated on a small poem-ish text. It was a moment of happiness for me. I felt I belonged.

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7 thoughts on “Poems in the Chat

  1. A positive comment about the Chat feature! I love it! What fun it is to write collaboratively. Alliteration is my absolute favorite. A finch in a ficus?

  2. Woot! Woot! We are a funny and creative bunch, aren’t we? Love our happy “little” TTW writing family and so glad to have you in it! (P.S. Missed you tonight. Tim shared at the end in “celebrations” that you had posted this, so we are coming on over!)

  3. Hi Marilyn, it was such a delight to read your post. The chat room is like “Must-see TV.” Always enjoyable and entertaining.

  4. Truly a small moment captured, and how charming! I am collecting happy moments found while using virtual ways of being together,a dn this is such a good addition. How wonderful you didn’t let it get away. And adults being silly together- that’s just the best.

  5. The TTW chat tends to take on a whole, entire life of its own sometimes. I scroll threw sometimes, but trying to keep up stress me out. LOL!! Great slice. We missed you tonight.

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