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I had finished teaching on this blustery first day of March. I knew chores and bill paying awaited me at home. Considering the time, I texted my daughter to see if she was at home. She was.”Yes!” I said to myself.

My daughter’s apartment is on my way home from teaching. I was there in 2 minutes. As I walked up the steps, my heart felt light. I didn’t mind the wind or cold.

When I opened the door, I smelled the delicious aroma of homemade minestrone soup. We greeted and she handed me her Peter, now 5 weeks old. I sat down in the rocker. He fussed a little, but then he settled into my arms. He held my finger and was soon asleep. I couldn’t help but stare at his eyelashes, his little hands, his soft cheeks. We rocked, and I chatted with my daughter. I waited until he gave up a big sigh, knowing that I could hand him back without waking him.

Every now and then, it feels good to know that you can still give what a baby needs, and by that, receive what you need. It was exactly what I needed today. Thirty minutes of Peter.


9 thoughts on “Thirty Minutes of Peter

  1. That. Sounds. Absolutely. DELIGHTFUL. There is something wonderful about being able to give someone everything they need. And this bundle of wonder. So amazing. Yes, you are right. Bills can wait. Grading can wait. It can ALL wait. So glad you were able to find some time today to hang onto something so beautiful and precious.

  2. Grandchildren are such a blessing, and I’m glad your grandson is that close! Our granddaughters are close by as well, and I remember sitting as you described: just staring in wonder. I’m so happy you got your 30 minutes!

  3. This is beautiful!!! I hear your same delight and tenderness in my mom when she’s with my son. She does the same thing – text to let us know she wants to stop by hehe. As children, we are so lucky to have such doting and loving grandparents like you!

  4. Oh, that sounds so perfectly wonderful! There is something about holding a baby that makes everything all right….I’m glad you had that chance! 🙂 ~JudyK

  5. Your slice shows how much you give and get during a moment. So powerful.
    The added black and white photo is stunning. Those eyelashes!
    Thanks for shairng your joy with us in this slice.
    So glad it’s March and we are together again HERE!!

  6. “As I walked up the steps, my heart felt light. I didn’t mind the wind or cold.” Of course you didn’t. Isn’t it amazing how expectation and love and ward off the sting of harsh elements? Lucky you, gramma! I wish mine were closer!

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