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Feeling somewhat depleted, I absent-mindedly scrolled through Facebook for the umpteenth time. I stopped when I saw that my granddaughter’s kindergarten teacher had posted a new photo. I always love seeing Maggie no matter the setting. Today’s picture was celebrating “Colorful Day.” Mrs. S. is a young teacher in her second year of her career. I have been so impressed with how she has navigated this school year so that Maggie is happy and having a great introduction to school.

I touched the picture and spread my fingers to get a closer look. Where was my Maggie in this crowd of kindergarteners? “Ah, there she is!” I thought and smiled.

Then, imagine my delight when I could see that Maggie was holding hands with her friend, Kenzie. Is there anything more heartening than kindergarten friendships? It just made me so happy. For a moment, I wasn’t afraid she would get sick, or that she was breaking a rule. For a moment, I saw only kindergarten love.

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5 thoughts on “Holding Hands

  1. Oh my goodness! I just went back to school hybrid (i teach 3rd grade)! It is so hard when I see them close together, and I have to scream, “6 feet apart!” but I know they are just being kids. I love that you just saw their sweet love for each other, and I wish I didn’t have to separate mine. It’s so hard. Thank you for sharing this.

  2. It is so wonderful when feeling depleted to find something to brighten our day. What better than kindergartners holding hands? Thank you to you and Maggie and her hang holding friend, you put a much needed smile on my face!

  3. >For a moment, I wasn’t afraid she would get sick, or that she was breaking a rule. For a moment, I saw only kindergarten love.<

    I miss high fives down the hallways. I miss the nudges kids will give each other as playful signs of affection. So many of those physical things we took for granted that are missing in our lives. To "see" through your eyes the kinders and their love makes my heart warm! 🙂

    Thank you for sharing!

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