Happy to be participating in the SOLSC! Thank you TWT!

In September, I started teaching my granddaughter to read over Zoom. It’s one of the blessings of being retired. I have the time to build a relationship with Alice that I missed with her older siblings all the years I was working full-time at school. Alice has come a long way from not knowing all her letters and sounds to this week’s lessons using -nk.

-ank. bank. ank.
-ink. pink. ink.
-onk. honk. onk.
-unk. junk. unk.

Some of you may recognize this drill for teaching students word parts. Alice and I have been working with this pattern. She was ready to give it a try in a book called Stink Bugs.

We were reading along and Alice was decoding very well. She decoded rostrums which was pretty impressive. Did you know that a stink bug has a rostrum which is like a long straw for a mouth? It can stick its rostrum into berries and flowers to drink. When not eating, it tucks the rostrum under its belly between its legs. Pretty handy.

Next we read about the life cycle of the stink bug. The pictures were vivid. I was having a great time learning about stink bugs (which have migrated to Virginia only recently). Alice clearly wasn’t having as much fun.

“Excuse me, Grandma. I don’t mean to be rude, but why are we reading THIS book?” She was so earnest. I had to chuckle a little as I explained that we were reading it to practice -nk words. Then I mentioned that it’s good to read nonfiction because we can learn cool stuff. “But Grandma, stink bugs are gross and icky!”

What do you think?

Pentatomidae - Halyomorpha halys-001.JPG
Brown Marmorated Stink Bug

9 thoughts on “Stink Bugs

  1. I absolutely love these stories with your grandchildren. What a precious relationship you have the opportunity to build with Alice. I do have to agree with her though – stink bugs are gross and icky! 😉

  2. I am impressed with Alice’s decoding of rostrums! Way to go (and I learned a new word)! Your last paragraph was so effective with Alice’s dialogue- I could totally imagine that scene playing out.

  3. I kind of agree with Alice – stink bugs are icky. How lucky for both of you to have this reading experience!

  4. Small moments together that build a relationship. So lucky to be doing this with your granddaughter. I love the teacher choice of the -nk book, and her ever so respectful protest!
    But I do think if she could see an actual stink bug…

  5. I LOVE these wonderful moments that you’re sharing, and I’m so very grateful that you’re taking us along with you for the ride. As for me? The grosser and ickier the BETTER!

  6. Alice is right. Stink bugs are the worst. Missouri had an infestation of them last fall. At first, I thought my housekeeping had really gone downhill. Every time I would open a window, the entire inside of the window would be filled with them– maybe 20+ per window. Our house was on the market and I was freaking out. I googled it and found out they were really bad in MO last fall. It was quite a process to get rid of them all. I hope to never see a stink bug again in a book or in real life.

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