There are a number of people to whom the following quote is attributed, but I couldn’t find a definitive source. I’ve always liked it.

Sometimes I sits and thinks, and sometimes I just sits.

Tonight, I have tried writing and hit “Delete.”

Then, I spent and hour or more reading other posts and writing comments. I loved what I read, but inspiration was quickly followed by a lack of emotional energy to get my own words down. I’m sorry.


Some nights, I sits and writes. Some nights, I just sits.

A wonderful writing community.

9 thoughts on “Some nights

  1. I completely understand. My slice today was no much, but it is done. Hope more words find you tomorrow!

  2. Sometimes looking for inspiration can be emotionally draining – that’s happened to me, too. Thank you for sharing the reality of how difficult it can be to find words!

  3. I was just reading in Georgia Heard’s Writing Toward Home she said that someone asked her how long it took her to write her first book and she replied that it took her 4 years… three years to think about it and one year to write it down. That gives me hope that even her thoughts must have been slow or absent at times!

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